Peab är ett svenskt bygg- och anläggningsföretag med verksamhet i Norden och Baltikum. Företaget grundades 1959 och har idag över 16 000 anställda. Peab är specialiserade på att bygga bostäder, kommersiella fastigheter, infrastruktur och anläggningar. De är också engagerade i hållbarhetsfrågor och arbetar aktivt för att minska sin miljöpåverkan.

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Peab - Sextio år av samhällsbyggande

I år, 2019, har Peab bidragit till samhällsbygget i sextio år. Det som 1959 började med två mycket unga bröder, Mats och Erik ...

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Introduktionsfilm för alla - medarbetare, underentreprenörer, mfl - som ska arbeta på Peabs produktionsarbetsplatser. Filmen ...

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Leda i Peab - Nivå 4 Regionchefer

Peab har ledarutvecklingsprogram på fyra olika nivåer för de som leder personer, projekt eller processer. Leda i Peab har fokus ...

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Peabs delårsrapport januari - mars 2024

Under första kvartalet uppvisade vi en hög orderingång, den högsta i Peabs historia. Vår breda affärsmodell gör att vi kan ...

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The one about Peaball

Ever what makes that little rattle sound when you shake a spray can?Yep, that's a peaball.Donal O'Doherty from the creative collective Peaball sat down with the team to discuss all things graffiti and how street art can improve communities. Donal covers how the wave of hip-hop culture in the '90s inspired him to get involved in art, the community effort that goes into creating pieces of art, and his most recent work on a mural for HIVE Cancer Support that involves an innovative type of paint that captures carbon dioxide.For more info on Peaball, check out their website: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

George The Poet: Peabody awards, lunchboxes and Disney films

George Mpanga AKA George the Poet started performing rap at 15 years old. Since moving into podcasting, he has won 5 British Podcast Awards and has been nominated for a Peabody Award.But what is George thankful for today? Angela finds out.GET IN LISTENINGHave You Hear George's Podcast? Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

S02E02 - Joshua Peabody Died Here... Possibly

Joshua Peabody - local hero or urban legend? Will Ellsworth Buffum take legal action to reclaim both the bones and his cool? Is it more important to protect your back or save your biscuits? Is a 2 am tarp Amos's greatest moment in sheriffing? Come along with us and discover why Wheatleys arent just for breakfast anymore as we break down the second episode of season two, Joshua Peabody Died Here...Possibly.

Alan Cohn, Peabody & Emmy Award-winning Journalist and CEO of Term Limit the Court

Episode Show Notes: Alan Cohn: From Newsrooms to Non-ProfitsSummary:Join us in this compelling episode with Alan Cohn, a Peabody and Emmy Award-winning journalist turned political figure, entrepreneur, and advocate for Supreme Court reform. His extensive career offers unique perspectives on public service, the media landscape, politics, and now the non-profit sector, making for a rich and diverse conversation. From tales of investigative journalism to the challenges of political campaigns, Alan's insights are bound to intrigue and inspire.Highlights:Alan's Dynamic Journey: Explore Alan's transition from an award-winning journalist uncovering critical stories to founding AMC Strategic Communications, running for Congress, and now leading the non-profit, Term Limit the Court.Into the World of Politics: Alan shares the intricacies of running a political campaign, likening it to operating a business and emphasizing the importance of strategic communications and networking.Championing Supreme Court Reform: Delve into the mission of Term Limit the Court and the potential implications of term limits on Supreme Court Justices.Challenges & Triumphs: Hear firsthand accounts of the obstacles faced in both journalism and politics, and the strategies employed to overcome them.Resilience & Motivation: Drawing inspiration from Rocky Balboa, Alan underscores the significance of persistence, resilience, and moving forward, no matter the setbacks.Behind the Scenes: Get a glimpse of Alan's personal life, from the exciting journey of his son Aaron as a pitcher in the Oakland A's organization to the influences behind Alan's diverse career choices.Looking Ahead: Stay updated on the recent initiatives of Term Limit the Court, and the strides being made towards Supreme Court reform.

3. Rufus Peabody, the King of Super Bowl Props (Part 2 of 2)

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and the hundreds of bets Rufus Peabody and his team made on the game are hanging in the balance. When one play can cost you $70,000, how do you keep your head on straight?Host: David HillProducers: Bobby Wagner, Mike Wargon, Matt Dollinger, Vikram Patel Sound Design: Bobby Wagner Mixing and Mastering: Scott Somerville Theme song: Isaac Lee Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Curating the Peabody Museum’s North American Collections with Curator Stephanie Mach

Welcome to HMSC Connects! where we go behind the scenes of four Harvard museums to explore the connections between us, our big, beautiful world, and even what lies beyond. For this week’s episode host Jennifer Berglund is speaking with Stephanie Mach, the curator of North American Collections at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. She focuses on the museum's historical, modern, and contemporary Native American collections. Stephanie is also a member of the Navajo Nation and the first Native curator for the North American Collections.